Hawaii Kai Exterior Paint Job

5:48 am
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On this home in Hawaii Kai on Oahu we prepped the exterior by powerwashing and cleaning all surfaces to be painted, then added 2 coats of Perma White Exterior Paint. read more →

Honolulu Exterior Paint Restoration

3:38 am
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On this older Honolulu home we scraped all loose and peeling exterior paint, powerwashed all surfaces, then used an advanced resin primer before adding two coats of water based finish paint.  The Advanced Resin Primer encapsulates the old paint, and helps the new coats of paint adhere to aged, weathered surfaces. read more →

Aina Haina Home Exterior

7:38 am
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On this home exterior, we had a special challenge with the home situated on an incline, resulting in accumulation of red dirt on the elevated side.  We used a stain blocking primer to seal out the stain causing red dirt after power washing and cleaning all surfaces.  We then primed and painted the entire exterior.. read more →

Oahu Residential Home Exterior

7:14 am
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